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set dressing

Living Props has a dedicated team of professional set dressers with extensive experience in feature films, television, commercials and parties.  We provide a service which encompasses design, set-dressing, plant selection to interpret your brief in the most natural and believable way.

However fluid or specific your requirements, we are happy to work with you to achieve the look you want. Our team encompasses staff trained and suitably qualified in all aspects of forestry, landscaping machinery and lifting and access equipment.

From dense, tropical rainforests to barren, alien landscapes; from country houses with perennial borders to the Yorkshire moors; from country cottages, country lanes and parks to chic roof gardens and urban terraces, we have an experienced crew that can fulfil your requirements. Our friendly office team will be happy to discuss the job with you and you are always welcome to pay us a visit to discuss things in more detail and make your own select plants and props.