Hire items at Living Props

Our inventory of greens related props is large and always updating. Below you’ll find examples of what we offer. Contact us for more details 

Artificial tree trunks 

We offer a variety of artificial tree trunks made from durable fibreglass. Whether you’re looking for palm-style or jungle banyan designs, or even solid foam cast trunks, we’ve got options for you. Our selection is always updating.

Full choice of benches

Explore our diverse bench collection for hire, from park classics to modern garden styles. Contact us today to visit or supply your project.

Explore our diverse range of fibreglass statues

Discover a varied selection of fibreglass statues, perfect for film, TV, and events. From classical to modern styles, we offer a range of options to choose from.

Fibreglass rocks

Explore our wide range of fibreglass rocks. Plus, we craft bespoke rocks to meet your unique needs.

Fibreglass urns & plinths 

From pristine formal gardens to weathered and aged ruins, our lightweight fibreglass urns can set the scene. Visit us to browse our extensive selection of urns and plinths.

Range of stone fountains

We offer authentic stone fountains for hire. Choose from well-maintained, working fountains to overgrown, neglected styles. 

Terracotta & glazed pots

From classic to aged, we have a huge selection to choose from. To visit, simply give us a call today and discover the perfect pot to match you needs.

For more information on our services call us on 01895 835100