Constructed trees by Living Props

At Living Props, we specialise in crafting custom trees for film sets, TV shows, and events. We’re grateful to have been a part of projects such as “Into the Woods,” “Les Miserables,” “James Bond,” “Dr Strange,” and many more over the years.

How we make our trees 

Initial framework

Our process begins with crafting a strong base, which could be a large metal plate or a fully welded steel frame. This forms the skeleton of the tree and ensures stability and durability.

Carving and shaping

Next, we carve polystyrene to form the trunk and major branches, fitting these pieces onto the metal frame. This polystyrene carving allows us to customise the tree’s shape and size according to your specific needs.

Natural look and feel.

To give the tree a life-like appearance, we apply specialised bark moulds to the carved polystyrene. This meticulous step adds an authentic touch, capturing the natural textures and details of real bark.

Limbs and foliage

Finally, limbs are added to the metal framework, providing the tree with its final shape. The design is fully customisable, enabling us to create anything from a windswept pine to a towering oak, all depending on what your project calls for.

Our Lapland tree 

Our Christmas section features our unique Lapland Tree, showcasing the level of detail and craftsmanship that we bring to every project.

Why choose us?  

We pride ourselves on our experience and commitment to quality. Our aim is to meet the specific needs of each client, delivering both the natural and practical aspects of each project.

For more information on our services call us on 01895 835100