Covent Garden’s iconic Christmas tree

For over a decade, Living Props has proudly erected one of London’s largest Christmas trees in Covent Garden. This towering spectacle, standing over 50 feet tall, is a cherished part of the holiday season.

 Set within a custom-made barrel and embellished with a bow crafted by Living Props, the tree adds a special touch to Covent Garden’s festive atmosphere.

Since 2017, we’ve proudly collaborated with to bring the Christmas spirit to life.

We construct a monumental tree that stands at 6 meters tall and features branches spanning over 50 feet. This grand centrepiece seamlessly blends natural elements with artificial foliage, creating an immersive experience that fills an entire room.

The Royal Tree

For over 5 years, Living Props has quietly supplied and installed the Christmas tree for the Royal Christmas Day speech, adding a touch of festive charm to this cherished tradition.

Christmas Day 2023

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